Podcast Seventeen: Three’s Company (TYLER REMIX)

NEW PODCAST EPISODE 17: Three’s Company (TYLER REMIX) – Hold onto your butts… we let Tyler edit this one, and it’s bound to make you incredibly uncomfortable and concerned. With Kayleigh and George out for the count, Cory, Hunter, and Tyler hold it down on this hip-hop heavy episode! We give five word reviews for […]


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Episode Fourteen: OVERTIME!

Episode Fourteen: OVERTIME! For the first time in #sheltersound history, we had to go into extra innings to settle this one! Tune-in for our Five-Word Reviews of projects by Noname, 6LACK, St. Lucia, BROCKHAMPTON, and Young Thug. Tyler wrote these week’s questions, including what is the best recent meme song and who is the best […]

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Podcast Thirteen: George Returns!

George is back! After a long summer in the desert, George makes his return as we review new albums from Eminem, Troye Sivan, Big Red Machine, Paul Simon, and Russ. While we are missing Hunter, we do get to explore what 2018 projects we originally bashed but now are loving, what projects disgusted us, and […]

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Podcast Episode Twelve: Pop Overload

Pop Overload! Get ready to be overloaded with pop music! With guest panelist Darius Rivera making his #sheltersound debut, we give our five-word reviews for the new albums from Ariana Grande, Mitski, Young Thug, Blood Orange, and Amine. We also answer questions such as what project made you the most disappointed in the current state […]

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Podcast Episode 10: Relaunch

We’re back and better than ever with a new format for our podcast! Now only 30 minutes or less, each podcast will feature our panelists answering wild questions and delivering concise album reviews… but there can only be one champion! Tune in this week to find out which tracks made us feel most like a religious moon man, which were most excruciating to listen to, and which made us feel most like a traitor. We also review Chance the Rapper’s new singles and albums by Wiz Khalifa, The Internet, Denzel Curry, and Santigold.

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Podcast Episode 9

After our Top 4 Albums of the Year So Far reveal on Instagram during the first week of July, the guys expand on their full Top Ten lists, all of which feature Pusha T’s DAYTONA! But there were still plenty of releases to cover to, including Drake’s Scorpion, Death Grips’ Year of the Snitch, Future’s Beast Mode 2, and King Princess’ Make My Bed – EP. What albums made our Top Ten lists? How do Drake, Teyana Taylor, and Florence + The Machine’s new projects land with our panel? Press play to find out! Now available on SoundCloud.

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Podcast Episode 8

The last three weeks have featured some monumental music releases, ranging from Beyoncé and JAY Z’s Everything is Love to Kanye West’s Ye and even another Father John Misty album. After plenty of speculation, Tyler, Hunter, and Cory dissect the three new G.O.O.D. Music releases with Kanye’s fingerprints on them and how to deal with how problematic he his. We also touch on the Illuminati (way too much for our own safety), our Five-Word Reviews, and the death of abusive rapper XXXTentacion.

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Podcast Episode 7

June’s a busy month with a lot of new music being released, and Shelter Sound has got you covered! While our collaborator George will be contributing segments from the New Mexico desert, Hunter, Tyler, and Cory hold down the fort to go in-depth releases from Arctic Monkeys, CHVRCHES, A$AP Rocky, and more. Plus, we chime in on the Pusha T-Drake beef and Tyler brings a hot take that could tear this group apart…

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Podcast Episode 6

It’s peak music season, and between all of the latest releases and the virtual meltdown of one of music’s most influential stars, we have a LOT to discuss! The Shelter takes a closer look at album releases from J. Cole, Janelle Monáe, Rae Sremmurd, and Post Malone. We also bring back the Five-Word Review segment and spend some time discussing the unraveling of Kanye West.

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Podcast Episode 5

Episode 5 It’d been a little bit, but we’re back! We take a deep look at the new releases from Cardi B, Kali Uchis, CZARFACE & MF DOOM, and Flatbush Zombies. In order to catch-up on all the other music you may have missed, including Jack White, Kasey Musgraves, and The Weeknd, we debut the […]

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Podcast Episode 4

We’re Back! We’ve finally returned with our fourth podcast! A lot has happened since we last recorded, so we dive into albums ranging from the “Black Panther” companion album to Janelle Monáe’s newest singles. We also talk about our top 3 most anticipated albums of 2018 and one new release you may not have caught.

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Episode 3

With Guest Luke Evans Our third podcast is here! Trying some new things, joined by Luke Evans of Lukewarm Reviews (check him out here) for a good ol’ Redemption. We also talk about the Oscar nominations for original song and score and why Justin Timberlake’s new album is the worst.

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